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Trust in what's next.

The data that helps you make smarter decisions as an infrastructure leader. The software that empowers your team to react quickly in a crisis. The insights that make you future-proof. That's what we'll achieve, together.
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You’re piloting your organization through nonstop turbulence. The 50-year storm now strikes annually. Your most-knowledgeable workers are retiring. The pandemic, the warming planet, growing operational costs. Constant crises are keeping you from your long-term goals.

Collaborating with us

Working with Trinnex®, you’ll gain processes and software tools, but also a partnership. We know a lot about how to enable insights and provide better context for decisions. But your vision for your organization’s more efficient, sustainable and equitable tomorrow is what matters most.
Man and woman looking at the same tablet with data and warnings in the background
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What's next?

You may become a master of machine learning, a mobile application aficionado, or simply turn to your customized dashboard over morning coffee. Whatever your technology-enabled future looks like, our tools and services will evolve with your feedback and your needs.

What are you looking for in a product?

Reduce the headaches from flooding and sewer overflows
Fight the unknown with an all-in-one digital LCRR tool
Empower public health decision making using sewer data
Streamline water quality sampling, compliance and operations


Trinnex is proud to announce the launch of waterCAST, an AI-enabled digital water platform.

Digital-first resiliency through the SEED process

Our proven approach to developing a digital strategy–we call it SEED–will take you from confusion to confidence, no matter where you are on your digital journey.
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We're a veteran startup

Trinnex® is a new company that’s developing disruptive tech every day. Our team has spent decades working in infrastructure and with organizations like yours. You don’t have to choose between experienced consultants and software nerds. We’re all of the above.
"I love how waterCAST Sewer can automatically pull down data from our system and compare actual performance with model predictions. That seamless integration means we're able to gain a level of confidence in our data that wasn't possible before we started using the tool."
- Senior Project Manager, The Metropolitan District (Hartford, CT)

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