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Understand storm events like never before

precipiCAST helps you better understand and plan for rainfall in your community. Daily storm total spreadsheets are yesterday’s approach. Now, you’ll analyze peaks and durations with ease to react smarter. No other tool of its kind can do what precipiCAST does.
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A deeper understanding of rainfall impacts

Put storm events in context

How big was that storm last week? Let’s find out. precipiCAST has the ability to compare noteworthy events against historical data and break storms down, from days to hours. You’ll see how your system performed when the downpours were at their worst.

Test your system's resilience

Large storm events and the effects of climate change will challenge your infrastructure like never before. With precipiCAST, you’ll be able to better understand how and where your system comes under stress.

Empowering your ability to design for all conditions

Rainy seasons. Observed disaster events. The ability to glean information about how these conditions affect your system will help you plan for the future.
"I love how pipeCASTTM can automatically pull down data from our system and compare actual performance with model predictions. That seamless integration means we're able to gain a level of confidence in our data that wasn't possible before we started using the tool."
- Senior Project Manager, The Metropolitan District (Hartford, CT)

Features & Functionality

Intuitive and easy to use
Doesn't require coding knowledge
Partitions rainfall events into shorter durations
Creates storm data visualizations for analysis and sharing
Compares against historical data
First-of-its-kind tool

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