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leadCAST® Inspection Optimizer

Efficiently target your field verifications to maximize your resources

The power of predictive modeling in Lead & Copper Rule programs is greatly enhanced by strategically selected field verifications. By using Inspection Optimizer as your guide, you’ll better target your verifications, find lead service lines more efficiently and achieve more reliable and unbiased estimates of service line material.
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Send your crews into the field with confidence

Predictive analytics are a game changer

Using a predictive model to estimate service line materials can save time and resources for your LCRR compliance program, streamlining your efforts to protect public health.

Why field verification matters

Predictive models learn from a subset of field verified service line materials, and for the best results, these verifications need to be representative of your water system.

Targeting the right sites for verification

Inspection Optimizer recommends field inspections that are representative of your water system, so your team’s field investigations yield the highest value data for your predictive model.

Features & functionality

Understand where to perform field verifications
Capture diversity in your water system
Establish representative field verification data set
Leverage existing field verifications
Account for historic build-out of your water system
Achieve 95% confidence level with configurable margin of error
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The power of Inspection Optimizer can be yours today. Our team will create a customized dashboard for you, with the number and approximate locations of field inspections you’ll need for predictive modeling—all for free.

Reach out and a member of the Trinnex team will get you set up to start making smarter decisions about your service lines!