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Unified Water Management

Clear Insights, Powered by AI

waterCAST is an AI-enabled digital water platform that transforms how utility leaders manage their water and wastewater systems.
Our Objective

We empower you to be proactive.

Achieve digital-first resiliency

waterCAST is backed by by a team with decades of domain expertise in digital water software and services.

Bring your data together

waterCAST unifies utility data  to position you for proactivity, allowing your entire team to solve problems before they occur.

Leverage secure, “glass-box” AI

waterCAST is built on a scalable, explainable AI analytics engine with world-class cybersecurity. The platform is SOC2 compliant to the highest cyber security standards.

What keeps you up at night?

waterCAST is your opportunity to tackle your utility’s most pressing issues with proactivity, efficiency, and confidence. Now, you can manage compliance and optimize system performance while keeping your community safe and your utility in the headlines for the right reasons.
Water Quality Tracking
waterCAST helps you monitor contaminants in drinking water including lead, PFAS, microbial contaminants and emerging contaminants.
  • Real-time updates from the lab
  • Automatic sampling & results
  • Centralized dashboard
Sewer Optimization
waterCAST delivers advanced analytics to improve sewer management and avoid overflows.
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Automate alerts
  • System performance analysis
Compliance Management
waterCAST enables confidence in the face of compliance standards for water quality.
  • Understand risks
  • Proactively meet standards
  • Generate compliance reports
Operations Performance
waterCAST improves operations by delivering the right data, at the right time, to make the right decision.
  • Break down operational siloes
  • Connect data that drives action
  • Create easy-to-understand visualizations

Unlock your potential with


Anywhere, anytime, any device

Desktop, tablet, phone. Your team is using all of them. So is the waterCAST platform.

The power of the cloud is yours

Data that’s backed up on multiple servers. On a network that’s secured and protected. With rapid access at all times.

Accelerate your digital transformation

Our tools are accessible but powerful. In your hands, they’ll be a change agent.

Advance your key initiatives

At the end of the day, the waterCAST platform is about taking care of business. It’s about actionable insights that drive your projects forward.

Maximize your resources for proactive decision making.

waterCAST includes applications to solve specific major utility problems without needing to rely on spreadsheets, in-house workarounds, or disjointed products from multiple providers.

Trusted by these digitally resilient organizations

Middlesex water companyCity of NewarkCity of BryantNew BedfordLA sanitationUS Army Corps of EngineersFEMA
Middlesex water companyCity of NewarkCity of BryantNew BedfordLA sanitationUS Army Corps of EngineersFEMA

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