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waterCASTTM Capacity Planner

Evaluate sewer capacity
before approving new developments

With a growing population moving to communities with smaller infrastructure, utilities and city planners need to ensure their wastewater systems can handle the increased demand. If left unchecked, capacity issues can lead to the discharge of untreated wastewater into the community waterways. By using the waterCASTTM Capacity Planner, utilities are able to quickly and accurately plan for development and make data-backed decisions.
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Quickly assess sewer capacity availability

Enter permit information

Using our Scenario Creator, utility staff are able to utilize permit request information to easily perform a capacity evaluation and plan for future scenarios.

Capture capacity Bottlenecks

View the results of your capacity assessment on our map page and quickly determine capacity bottlenecks in your collection system.

Expedite approval process

Constant requests from developers for  wastewater capacity can overwhelm time and budgets. The waterCASTTM Capacity Planner is the ideal tool to quickly review requests, perform a capacity assessment and use data to make decisions.

Features & benefits

Use basic permit request information to run a capacity evaluation
Leverage hydraulic models without needing modeling expertise​
Plan for the future with ability to choose between model scenarios and design storms
Save time and money by not having to pay for a modeler to run permit requests for you

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The power of the Capacity Planner can be yours today. Our team will walk you through the process of how to use the tool to its fullest intention.

See what waterCASTTM Capacity Planner can do in 30 minutes or less. Contact our Team today to see the tool in action.
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