Lead & Copper Rule Communication Website

No Communications Team, No Time, No Problem

Communicating effectively helps your utility avoid undesired outcomes such as: difficult-to-combat misinformation regarding water quality, significant public health impacts, and negative press.

Trinnex enables you to easily, confidently, and proactively meet this aspect of the LCRR and proposed LCRI with a custom, secure website that is purpose-built for lead service line communications.
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Basic Plan

Plus Plan

  1. Custom Branded Website
  2. Lead Service Line Landing Page
  3. Public Map + Look-up Tool
  4. Frequently Asked Questions (health effects, how to test your water video, etc.)
  5. Embedded Water Quality Report
  6. 1 Round of Revisions for Initial Site, 7 Business Day Turnaround
  7. Content Updates (up to 10 hours/year)
  1. All services offered in the Basic Plan, plus:
  2. Partners Page
  3. Schedule
  4. Announcements Sections
  5. Municipal Ordinances
  6. Forms Integration: Right of Entry (ROE), sign up form, self-inspection, contact us
  7. 3 Rounds of Revisions, 4-Week Engagement
  8. Content Updates (up to 20 hours per year)


Build trust with your community
Be proactive and combat misinformation about lead and water quality
Build a positive brand reputation to improve staff morale and recruitment
Save 100s of hours researching LCRR/LCRI rules and building a site by trusting our experienced team
Quick turnaround with the ability for regular content updates.
Pre-made pages on water quality and health effects of lead.

Sample of Trinnex’s LCRR/LCRI Web Service Clients:

City of Newark, NJ

Passaic Valley Water Commission, NJ

Providence Water, RI

League City, TX

Middlesex Water Company, NJ

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