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Trinnex Launches Data Science-as-a-Service (DSaaS) for Water and Wastewater Utilities

March 19, 2024

Trinnex® DSaaS enables utilities to leverage their current data and systems, get tailored solutions from water domain specialists, and apply advanced data science methods without the need of investing in in-house resources.

Trinnex, a leading provider of digital solutions and services for the water industry, announced the launch of its Data Science-as-a-Service (DSaaS) offering, a new service that helps water and wastewater utilities leverage their data to optimize their operations, streamline compliance activities, and improve their decision-making.

Trinnex DSaaS is designed for utilities that are overwhelmed by the amount and complexity of data they collect from various sources, such as sensors, flow meters, SCADA systems, lab data, spreadsheets, and siloed point solutions.  

Trinnex DSaaS provides utilities with a team of data scientists who are experienced in the water domain and can guide utilities through their digital journey - from data collection and integration, to predictive modeling and visualization.  

With Trinnex DSaaS, utilities can access customized solutions that address their specific challenges and goals, such as improving water quality, increasing operational efficiency, and proactively planning infrastructure maintenance and repair. Trinnex DSaaS also enables utilities to make use of the latest data science techniques, such as sensor anomaly detection, pattern recognition, chemical/energy optimization, and predictive maintenance, without having to hire their own data science staff.

“Trinnex DSaaS opens the door for utilities to harness the power of world-class data science at their organization in a truly unique and accessible way. We are absolutely thrilled to provide this service to our clients and help them solve the data-driven challenges they face, no matter where they are in their digital journey,” said Travis Wagner, VP of Digital Consulting at Trinnex.

Trinnex DSaaS is available as a professional consulting service, with flexible and scalable options to suit different utility sizes and needs. Trinnex partners with the utility to identify a digital roadmap and the best use of data science at the organization, depending on what the utility’s unique challenges and existing technologies are. Trinnex DSaaS will also provide ongoing support and knowledge transfer, to ensure that utilities can maximize the value of their data, solutions, and resources.

To learn more about Trinnex DSaaS and how it can help your utility, visit

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