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The CAST platform

You wouldn't drive a car without a dashboard. How could you get by without a speedometer, fuel gauge, or alert sensors? Now your infrastructure and operations can give you that same instantaneous, useful information. Avoid trouble and make smart decisions in the moment.
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First, we've got to grab all the data. Our platform unifies data from all your assets, sensors, rain gauges and models. Now, you've got up-to-date information that you can capitalize on.


We pioneered digital twins for infrastructure utilities because of their ability to protect our clients from risk and help drive decision-making. When things aren't going as expected, when there's danger ahead, you'll be the first to know.


What would be the benefit of various upgrade projects? What perils are coming for your operations via the next big storm or system failure? You'll gain the power of foresight by running what-if scenarios.

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The CAST platform's greatest value is that it helps you marshal the resources to take on your biggest challenges. Defensible strategies backed by data will help you tackle today's crises and tomorrow's changes.

Built for your data and workflows–meet the digital twin

Key Considerations


CAST tools work with a variety of open-source models. Our experts can make the majority of commercial software work seamlessly with CAST tools, increasing your capabilities without compounding your costs.


New equipment needed? Nope. Usable by the whole team without additional charges? Yup. And, our fees don’t escalate every year, unless you want to scale up our services.


We use multiple layers of security and control to keep your data safe. Our experts apply rigorous AWWA- and NIST-endorsed practices to protect your system from intrusions.


Once the CAST software is running, reach out anytime for support. Quick questions can be answered rapidly, while more complex challenges will get a robust response from subject matter and software experts.

A few things you should know about the CAST platform

Anywhere, anytime, any device

Desktop, tablet, phone. Your team is using all of them. So is the CAST platform.

The power of the cloud is yours

Data that’s backed up on multiple servers. On a network that’s secured and protected. With rapid access at all times.

Accelerate your digital transformation

Our tools are accessible but powerful. In your hands, they’ll be a change agent.

Advance your key initiatives

At the end of the day, the CAST platform is about taking care of business. It’s about actionable insights that drive your projects forward.

Transforming hazy outlooks into clear solutions

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