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Empowering public health teams to take action

The sewers are rich with data about the health of your community. Understanding where risks are coming from makes rapid response possible. Emerging outbreaks can be addressed and contained quickly when they can be spotted and identified early.
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Using sewer data for a healthier community

A data-driven approach to public health

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve learned that wastewater analysis is a powerful public health tool. Wastewater surveillance is non-intrusive and has fewer privacy concerns than widespread clinical testing. epiCAST takes that sample data and puts it in an easy-to-access, easy-to-understand platform.

Smart interpretation of what's in the sewer

epiCAST puts the data in context, flagging variance from normal wastewater characteristics. Statistical models help correlate wastewater signals to other data, accurately diagnosing the problem. Using data visualizations, you’ll be able to quickly identify trends and take action.

Applications way beyond COVID-19

epiCAST doesn't merely support COVID-19 epidemiology. It can be deployed to fight the opioid epidemic, ensure that vulnerable populations are getting access to nutrition, and prepare for future viral outbreaks. A healthier community is within reach.

Protecting Public Health with Wastewater Data

Using epiCAST public health decision makers can track COVID-19 in wastewater and gain insights to power pandemic response. These concepts can be applied for military bases, university campuses, large industrial facilities, residential healthcare facilities, and more. epiCAST dashboards can help keep communities healthier and protected from harm.

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A person with full protective gear obtaining water from an open manhole in the street

Features & Functionality

Track pathogens, bacteria, and compounds
Monitor campuses
Monitor the success of mitigation
Catch super-spreader events
Drill down to sub-communities
Easy-to-understand visualizations
Flag areas of health inequity
Accessible at your desk or on the move

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