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Our Role

Map-based mobile application, content management system & web application

Revolutionizing levee inspection across the nation

The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) inspects and maintains all levee systems across the United States. To do so, they use a mobile application that uploads data to a national database. Both applications have become outdated, which has impacted their functionality.

From outdated to innovative

USACE needed to update their tool for national levee inspections. USACE wanted a more performant tool with additional features, and an updated user experience. This improved tool will be used to inspect levees across the nation and catalogue the state of each levee in a national levee database that Trinnex® was also tasked with updating.

Improving the tool through thoughtful modification

Trinnex designed and developed a fully responsive mobile application that can perform levee inspections and assist in damage control during flood events. We also improved the national levee database used to store and display all levee information. By maintaining a user-centric design approach and collaborating extensively with the client throughout the project, we were able to provide an application that fulfilled both the needs of the client and the user.

Deploying the tool nationwide

USACE can now perform levee inspections and train new users more efficiently due to the improvements made to the application by our team. Using the new map-centric interface, users can record levee information, make edits, and review feature information all from the same screen. The improved database and flood fighting capabilities of the application allow for the visualization of flood events as they occur, as well as reviewing the progression of a flood event after it has ended. This empowers users to make effective choices during flood events and plan for the future by leveraging past data collected.


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