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Our Role

digital transformation, processes & strategy refinement

Digitizing West Virginia's funding application system

With the help of Trinnex® software, West Virginia Water (WVW) digitized their analogue processes for construction applications. This dramatically increased their efficiency and ease of operations by streamlining their processes and making the applications more accessible.

Starting with an all-paper process

WVW performs infrastructure projects supporting the development and maintenance of water and wastewater systems across the state. In order to receive WVW funding and support for local projects, municipalities had to undergo an all-paper application process that could take up to a year to complete. Trinnex was tasked with refining and digitizing the entire application process as well as creating an internal tracking system for all applications that would support the public facing portal. WVW had contracted support for this project before Trinnex was involved, and part of the task was to assess the underperforming tool and enhance it to meet the client’s needs.

Building a digital framework

After working with the client and analyzing the previous digital solution, our team decided to redesign the internal tool and refine the application process. This solution required that we transform their multiple component system into a single solution with a refined data-driven workflow. The resulting data-driven workflow could be modified as the department and their processes evolved over time.

Finding efficiency through digital transformation

The system has successfully been in use since 2012, while evolving in tandem with the department’s processes and organizational changes. The custom solution reduced the processing time required for all critical needs project applications from a year to a single week. This dramatically impacted the speed at which critical infrastructure projects could receive funding. The software created by Trinnex is utilized in all infrastructure projects across the state.


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