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Our Role

Public outreach website

Supporting the nations largest LSLR program

Due to recent regulatory changes by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the City of Newark was required to replace all lead service lines connecting the water main to private residencies. This was the first time that any municipality had taken on a Lead Service Line Replacement (LSLR) program of this scale.

Conducting the largest LSLR program to date

The Department of Water & Sewer in Newark was tasked with replacing all lead service lines in their district and needed to create a public outreach and information website. This website needed to inform residents of the project, let residents sign a right of entry waiver, allow residents to sign up for lead inspections & lead line replacement, and apply for free water filters. With the right of entry consent form required for each replacement, it was critical to the program’s success to keep the public informed, and confident in the validity of the program.

Connecting the utility and the public through digital tools

Trinnex® created a web application that presented the public with all applicable information regarding the LSLR program and adapted the site when additional programs like the water filter distribution program emerged. The site included a GIS based tool that allowed users to look up their address and determine the material of their service line based on inspection data. The site also provided information on the program, construction updates, and guidance on how to check your own service line for lead.

Facilitating the success of a nationally recognized program

The lead replacement program was a nationally recognized success and has become an example for other LSLR programs across the nation. Vice President Kamala Harris visited the City of Newark after the completion of this program to recognize the efforts of everyone involved and draw national attention to the success of the program. The public facing information tool that Trinnex developed helped generate trust among Newark residents and allowed the program to run smoothly while improving the relationship between the department of Water & Sewer and the local residents.


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