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Our Role

Responsive Web Design, Dashboard Development

Designing a public dashboard for stormwater programs

Los Angeles Sanitation Department (LASAN) maintains the entire sanitation system for the city of Los Angeles, providing waste management, permit distribution, water reclamation, and watershed protection for its districts. LASAN contracted Trinnex® to assist in developing a tool to publicly display information on their stormwater programs.

Understanding the landscape

LASAN is divided into 4 major watersheds: Ballona Creek, Dominquez Channel, Santa Monica Bay, and Upper LA River. These watersheds are diverse with a vast set of data and information specific to each one. Each watershed is its own Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) with its own unique set of regulations and compliance. Compiling this information in an easily understandable way while maintaining regulatory compliance became the main challenge for this project.

Leveraging data to tell a story

Trinnex leveraged our unique design methodology and subject matter expertise to build an accessible website with extensive information on complex data all contained within an intuitive user interface. Each watershed received its own webpage within the site displaying the watershed planning, projects, funding, compliance, watershed monitoring and upcoming events. We also provided a water quality dashboard within the site that allowed for a deeper dive into the data.

Increasing public awareness through digital platforms

Trinnex provided a fun and informative way for LA city residents to get up to date information on their local watershed, get involved in projects, and keep their watersheds clean. The public facing platform fostered trust by creating a new touchpoint between the LA City residents and the water department. The partnership between LASAN and Trinnex has grown after the initial development of the site to include site maintenance and the addition of new features.


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