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March 2022 Update: Product Roadmap for the Trinnex CAST Platform

March 9, 2022
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Trinnex launched in January 2022 as a digital solutions provider that leverages 75 years of world-class engineering experience from CDM Smith. At the heart of Trinnex digital solutions is the CAST platform – a suite of cloud-based software applications arming clients with actionable insights to support smart infrastructure operations and planning. Before we jump into the product roadmap for the CAST platform, let’s dive into some background information.

What does CAST stand for?

Trinnex CAST Platform

CAST stands for capture, assess, simulate, and take action. CAST represents the workflow for a huge number of solutions in all the sectors we work in – water, climate, transportation, environmental, and sustainable infrastructure.  

  • Capture represents the core part of our platform which allows for rapid integration of disparate data sources, including model results, sensors, IoT, SCADA, GIS, video, imagery, weather, CMMS, and more. It’s a beautiful collection of spatial and temporal data that becomes a one-stop shop for developers and engineers to access.
  • Assess represents the tools that we use to visualize and analyze the data. We use solutions such as dynamic maps and flexible time series analysis tools to allow users to navigate and view the many data streams. But as the volume of data grows, the harder it is for the user to make sense of all of the data. To tackle the challenge of data overload, we have built a machine learning connector environment that allows our data scientists to plug in analytics modules to assist the user in identifying critical issues and support automation.
  • Simulate integrates numerical models (e.g., hydraulic models) and the machine learning modules to simulate “what if” scenarios. By using a hybrid approach that combines observed data with machine learning and computer models, the CAST system becomes a digital twin predicting future outcomes and allowing users to rapidly evaluate options.
  • Take Action is the ultimate goal – providing users with transparent and meaningful access to their data and its insights so they can effectively make “data-driven” decisions and take action.

What is in the CAST development roadmap?

The CAST platform is a collection of customizable modules that allows us to apply the framework to many engineering and environmental challenges. In 2022, we have narrowly focused on the products described below.

Products that exist today


Clients have access to leadCAST today, and Trinnex continues to add enhancements to the product to continue supporting communities as they prepare for the impending Lead & Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) set by the Environmental Protection Agency.  

The LCRR compliance process is new to many communities, with some lacking accurate and consistent records on service line material to show they meet requirements. With leadCAST, communities leverage any available data such as inspection records and sampling to optimize the service line inventory development programs required for LCRR compliance.  

This month, we have added several product enhancements, including an artificial intelligence (AI) model for lead pipe identification, mobile forms to support field inspection, integrated lab/sampling data, equity index tools, and a public portal for stakeholder engagement.



The original CAST tool, pipeCAST, integrates vast amounts of data from water systems with an integrated hydraulic model and a customizable data connector solution. pipeCAST is being configured by our clients as a “digital twin” solution for wastewater and drinking water systems. pipeCAST focuses on two areas:

  • Sewer - combined dynamic maps for geospatial data with time series visualization and analysis, as well as custom reporting and asset planning
  • Water - integrates a water distribution hydraulic model with tools for analyzing and optimizing water resources. We are implementing machine learning solutions for pump optimization and to address water loss

We are currently developing a version 2 of pipeCAST with an incredible team of developers and data scientists. Version 2 has a fresh UX and has a configuration layer to allow for rapid deployment to new clients.

New products

Incorporating climate predictions

Trinnex is working on a new tool that allows any municipality to review historical impacts on its infrastructure and plan for adaptation based on climate predictions. We are really excited about this solution as it leverages the huge amount of experience at CDM Smith on historical precipitation analysis, climate predictions, and infrastructure assessment for FEMA.


Future technologies connecting to the CAST platform

We’re evaluating three technology trends to continue enhancing the CAST platform: AI, technology partnerships, and cybersecurity.  


Everyone loves to talk about AI; there is a lot of hype. We luckily have data scientists that work with our engineers, so we have a very grounded view of the value of AI. We have seen real value in the pragmatic use of machine learning for tackling big data problems and we’re excited about our open architecture that allows for python-based solutions to plug into the CAST system. I think we’ll see continued growth and value in applied machine learning solutions, especially for major endeavors such as using AI for determining service line material.

Technology Partnerships

Connectivity and interoperability are essential; as such, technology partnerships are important to us. The CAST system must live elegantly in an enterprise environment, so we have prioritized system interconnectivity between our products and our client’s systems. This approach is important so CAST can connect to underlying data, such as from ESRI, SCADA, and maintenance applications like Maximo and CityWorks. We also have added open connectivity to allow our clients flexibility in how they use the data. For example, many of our clients use tools such as PowerBI, Qlik, or Tableau, so we have built connectors for our clients to access the CAST data fusion engine to build custom reports.


Cybersecurity sits across everything we do and has become even more critical for clients in the utility industry who operate critical infrastructure. Trinnex has a dedicated cybersecurity team that continuously monitors industry trends. The Trinnex cybersecurity team works closely with the development team to create software with industrial-strength security by making security a priority across the full product lifecycle, from development to deployment.  

What comes next?

The CAST platform framework allows for rapid customization, but we are being prudent about jumping into too many verticals. As a wholly owned subsidiary of CDM Smith, we collaborate with several engineering teams to design and evaluate solutions for transportation, epidemiology, industrial processes, and coastal and ocean dynamics. We are really excited about the possibilities in the coming years.

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Written by
Eoin Howlett
VP of Product
Eoin has 25+ years of experience in data analytics, GIS, numerical modeling, and developing tools and products.

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