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Introducing Trinnex and the CAST Platform

January 12, 2022
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Trinnex is here and we’re so glad to finally meet you. As President of Trinnex, I’m so honored to work with infrastructure clients in solving for their digital solution needs. Read on to learn more about who Trinnex is and what to expect from us from day one.

Who is Trinnex?

Trinnex, a wholly owned subsidiary of CDM Smith, provides utilities and infrastructure owners an on-ramp to their digital journey through processes, software tools, and partnership. The company was born from a 75-year infrastructure legacy built by CDM Smith, but with tech start-up agility. Read the official CDM Smith announcement introducing Trinnex as a new subsidiary.  

“Trinnex is about helping clients navigate their digital journey; providing them the right tools and advising them on the right approach to transform their data to make the right decisions.” - Amy Corriveau

The name “Trinnex” represents the magic that happens at the intersection of trust, innovation, and experience by fusing bold innovation with deep experience in digital strategies and software solutions.  

The Trinnex Team

The Trinnex team combines first-hand engineering and infrastructure consulting experience with digital solutions expertise. Our Trinnex leaders include:

  • Rajan Ray – the VP of Strategy & Marketing analyzing market trends to set the company’s path towards providing positively disruptive software and services solutions
  • Cory Rogers – the VP of Digital Consulting & Services collaborating with clients hands-on to pioneer digital solutions  
  • Greg Brazeau – the VP of Sales making sure clients’ needs are heard and met throughout their journey
  • Eoin Howlett – the VP of Product driving the product roadmap to meet current and future needs

>> Read more about Trinnex Leadership

The whole team includes 50+ Trinnex employees, remotely distributed across different locations and representing different disciplines such as software development, implementation services, engineering, and consulting. Raj is excited for what is to come, saying “We are fortunate to have fantastic clients that have helped us craft beautifully-designed, purpose-built software that truly address infrastructure resiliency. This coupled with an experienced, diverse team of some of the best minds in our industry is a combination that makes our work energizing, motivating, and impactful.”

What to expect from us

No one digital journey is alike. Every organization takes different paths and at varying paces, faces slightly different challenges, and has different resources available to take on new projects. Trinnex understands that today’s infrastructure leaders need more than off-the-shelf tools or another big software project, especially when crisis after crisis hits and stakeholders expect reliable services at all times.  

Trinnex considers this as a quest towards digital-first resiliency, where it’s not just about the technology but how to build upon an organization's strengths. Greg suggests, “as an advisor to a municipality or water/wastewater organization, there is a lot riding on our advice. No two clients are alike and digital transformation is a constantly moving target. To properly guide organizations down this path, there is a delicate balance of pushing the envelope on technology without over-rotating so that we can ensure all staff are engaged and providing valuable input. Our job is to know when and what tools are suitable, and the steps needed to get clients from point A to point B.”

Trinnex Digital Services

Putting together a digital transformation strategy requires understanding where your organization’s strengths lie and what is currently working first before digitizing anything. Trinnex provides digital services such as:

  • Asset performance and capital planning  
  • Digital strategy and transformation  
  • Decision analytics and optimization  
  • Digital Twin Design and Development

>> Read more about Trinnex Digital Services

The CAST Product Platform

Whether an organization has a large team to handle digital transformation internally or a jack-of-all-trades managing digital projects, sometimes an extra set of tools can help, especially when they were built by infrastructure experts and software developers for infrastructure experts.  

The CAST platform and its suite of cloud-based products enable organizations to transform hazy outlooks into clear solutions by capturing data, assessing the data, simulating what if scenarios, and taking action based on the findings. The CAST platform includes:

Trinnex CAST Platform
  • waterCAST Sewer™: for insights into the performance of collection systems, including digital twin technology
  • leadCAST ™: for managing lead & copper rule programs, including lead service line replacement and an LCRR-compliant public inventory map
  • waterCAST Surveillance™: for wastewater surveillance, helping correlate wastewater-based epidemiology to other data for better public health insights

>> Read more about the CAST Platform

The CAST Platform is a dynamic collection of tools to support data-driven decision-making for our clients. According to Eoin, “The Trinnex product portfolio combines decades of engineering experience with modern and elegant software to deliver effective solutions to our clients. We have developed a platform that allows for seamless data integration from IoT, models, and asset data – the system is flexible to allow for secure cloud integration of disparate data, and customizable modules for analytics and visualization.”  

Trinnex works closely with an active community of testers and contributors to actively introduce feedback into the development cycle.

Start working with Trinnex

Organizations like yours that make the pivot to a digital-first resilience strategy will thrive. Working with us, you’ll gain practical processes and beautifully designed software tools, and a partnership. We have the holistic experience to enable you and your team to be digital-first and resilient enough to weather any storm. Schedule a free consultation with the Trinnex team today!

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Written by
Amy Corriveau
Amy, president of Trinnex, has 24+ years of experience in technology planning for water and infrastructure clients.

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