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We create the software that shapes the world.

From asset performance and capital planning to digital twin design, Trinnex can help you put your digital-first resiliency strategy into motion. We have the holistic experience to help you achieve deeper insights, defensible decision-making and a more empowered organization.
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Transforming hazy outlooks into clear solutions

We have helped many different organizations through their digital journeys. Take a look at the case studies below to see examples of our work and how we could help your organization take the next step.

United States Army Corps of Engineers

Validating damage mitigation projects for storm events

View Case Study
West Virginia Water

Digitizing West Virginia's funding application system

View Case Study
Newark Department of Water & Sewer

Supporting the nations largest LSLR program

View Case Study
Illinois Department of Transportation

Creating a statewide public infrastructure database

View Case Study

Revolutionizing levee inspection across the nation

View Case Study

Designing a public dashboard for stormwater programs

View Case Study

Our process

Our optimized processes allow us to take our clients to the top, no matter what challenges we face along the way.
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Support 5 Technology is constantly evolving, and our team will be there to support the tools we build together as they grow in line with the latest industry trends. Deploy & Refine 4 After our software experts have turned the mockups into a reality, our team will continue to test and refine the software to ensure it meets all expectations. Design & Develop 3 Utilizing our user-centric design methodology, our team will create mockups and prototypes specifically built for your needs. This highly collaborative process will keep your interests and the interests of the users at the center of all design decisions. Define The PathAhead 2 After thoroughly understanding the challenges we face, our specialists will plot the course to success to ensure that all our objectives are met within a reasonable time frame. Ask The RightQuestions 1 Understanding the specific challenges and opportunities your organization faces is critical to finding the right solution for your problem. Our experts can help uncover those concepts to help guide the rest of our journey.

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